As with the past developer events we have produced, we are hoping to see satellite events in other cities taking place during the same weekend as GlassDevCamp. Satellites event participants will be eligible for a special Hackathon award, and we are also hoping to provide a video stream of the main sessions to remote viewers.

You are welcome hold a GlassDevCamp event, concurrent with ours. Our only request is that you contact us to go over how to run a successful not-for-profit developer camp. Satellite events that follow these guidelines will be listed here as an official satellite and we will help to promote your event.

Upcoming GlassDevCamp Satellites:

Washington, DC
New York, NY
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Madrid, Spain

More satellite locations to be announced.

What is GlassDevCamp?

GlassDevCamp is a not-for-profit developer event for Google Glass, encouraging development using The Google Mirror API. The event will focus on the creation and demonstration of new apps (aka timeline cards) for Google Glass. The event is operated by unpaid volunteers as a celebration of the emerging Google Glass platform.

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