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If you’re interested in sponsoring, please fill in the and we will be in touch shortly.

We are still in the process of selecting a venue for the event. If you have a venue that can hold hundreds of people for a weekend event, please contact us.

We are also taking prize donations for the Hackathon. Prize donations are open to anyone, not just sponsors. If you have a prize you would like to donate to the Hackathon, please contact us. Thank you.

GlassDevCamp Sponsors

We will be posting the first round of sponsors shortly.

Why Sponsor?

We need your help to make GlassDevCamp a success.

100% of sponsor and attendee fees go directly to event production. As a not-for-profit, volunteer-based event team, all money is used for the event, never for individuals or profit. Any money left over from the event is allocated to the next event or donated to non-profit causes.

Sponsoring GlassDevCamp will provide your organization with the opportunity to be part of the largest Google Glass developer event outside of Google’s own conference – Google I/O.

GlassDevCamp will be the first community-led event for the emerging Google Glass development community. The event is being produced by the same team that has produced iPhoneDevCamp, iPadDevCamp, iOSDevCamp every year since 2007. At our events each year, 500 or so developers gather over a long weekend to develop apps, share knowledge, network with their peers, and learn about the latest technologies.

This is an opportunity for organizations such as yours to interact with the members of the emerging Google Glass developer community. These are the influencers in our market. While we don’t yet know the attendance numbers for GlassDevCamp, we are planning for more than 500 attendees. Coupled with influencer interaction, we expect GlassDevCamp to attract strong media attention, as with our prior events.

We’re actively looking for additional sponsors to help make GlassDevCamp a success. Running an event is expensive, and sponsors play an important role in making this event happen.

As we have done for the past few years with iOSDevCamp, we expect to charge a registration fee for attendees ($50), which will be used to help offset some of the costs to operate the event. Roughly half of the costs to the operate the event are contributed by attendees, the other half is from sponsors.

We are asking for a minimum commitment of $1,000. Sponsors who give more will be given increased visibility at the event. While we don’t have official tier levels, we provide larger dollar amount sponsors with increased logo sizes on sponsor banners and posters, top billing on the website, more speaking time during intros, primary table space near the main area, and additional tickets for staff. We are aiming for 10-20 sponsors this year.

As a BarCamp-style event, 100% of sponsor dollars go to the event production. This is a not-for-profit event (the organizers and volunteers do not get paid).

In prior years, we have accepted giveaways from sponsors as a form of sponsorship. While we are accepting giveaways this year, we will not be accepting giveaways in lieu of a cash sponsorship. Sponsors who are only able to provide giveaways will be thanked during the contest results on Sunday, but will not be eligible for the sponsor benefits listed below. If you do have giveaway ideas for the contest, please consider coupling that with a cash sponsorship of $1,000 or more for greater visibility at the event.

GlassDevCamp Sponsors receive:

  • Listing on the event website – link in right nav, logo and link on Sponsors page (this page)
  • Logo on sponsor signage at the event
  • Logo displayed on overhead during portions of the event
  • Speaking time at the event (short intros)
  • Guaranteed attendance for two sponsor representatives at the event (more for larger sponsorship amounts)
  • Table space at the event for handouts, signage, meetings, etc.

There is no organization running GlassDevCamp, just a group of organizers and volunteers. We’re asking for financial commitments now, with payment required before we list organizations as sponsors.

If you’re interested in sponsoring, please fill in the and we will be in touch shortly. Thank you.

What is GlassDevCamp?

GlassDevCamp is a not-for-profit developer event for , encouraging development using . The event will focus on the creation and demonstration of new apps (aka timeline cards) for Google Glass. The event is operated by unpaid volunteers as a celebration of the emerging Google Glass platform.

to receive updates about the event, follow on Twitter, and join our Community on Google+.

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